Nut-Free Policy

We have several children who are HIGHLY ALLERGIC to all nuts. As you may know, this particular allergy is very dangerous and can be fatal. Allergic reaction can be triggered by any contact with nuts, airborne and/or tactile. THEREFORE, THE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT MUST BE NUT-FREE.

All foods containing any type of nut or nut by-product, including nut oils, are not permitted in school. Due to the changes in manufacturing processes, always read the product ingredient label to ensure that no nuts or traces are present. It is also very important that the product is not manufactured on machinery where nuts may have been used.

If your children consume nut products prior to coming to school, please make certain that their hands and faces are washed and no nut residue is on their clothing. This may sound extreme, but those of you who have children or friends with this allergy understand how crucial it is to take these precautions.

If you wish to send in snacks for your child, we recommend natural foods such as fresh fruit or cheese. A list of the nut free snack products which are permissible in the school is available from the temple office.

We appreciate your full cooperation. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Sherry Bernstein at 718-318-0030 (school) or 718-634- 0301 (temple).