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Religious School and a Sidewalk Sale

Sunday was a busy day at West End Temple with the start of the 2016-17 Religious School year and our annual Community Sidewalk Sale!

Our children were treated to a Rosh Hashanah skit starring our clergy and teachers.

We created beautiful Shabbat candles, honey bowls, and Kiddush cups to take home.

We then tried to make some adorable little apple and marshmallow fluff treats, but we mostly swam in fluff and laughed.

Finally, we ended our session with some singing.

Shout-out to our amazing parent volunteers!

Meanwhile, outside, our adults were busy selling and shopping a huge variety of donated goods. There were bicycles, tchotchkes of every variety, and even some original art by some of our talented members. The sale was a huge success thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers and donors.

Finally, a huge thank you to our resident photographer, Thomas Burke.

What a great start to our year!