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Tisha B’Av Small Congregations Zoom Program

July 26, 2023    
8:00 pm

Five misfortunes befell our ancestors … On the ninth of Av it was decreed that our ancestors should not enter the Land [of Israel], the Temple was destroyed the first and second time, Bethar was captured and the city [Jerusalem] was plowed.

-Mishnah Ta’anit 4:6 

We feel the weight of these calamities as we read the book of Lamentations and learn with rabbis from small congregations across the country. We honor and we remember, connecting our past to our present. As Reform Jews, we experience Tisha b’Av as a day to remember the brokenness of our world and to strengthen our resolve to do acts of tikkun/repair in our own day and age. Join us for this free event on Zoom: On Wednesday, July 26th, at 8 pm Eastern

Here is a registration link for the Tisha b’Av program. https://urj.tfaforms.net/901?id=7014u000001NuUo

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