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West End Temple Early Childhood Center

*West End Temple Early Childhood Center is looking to hire a Teaching Assistant for our Two-Year-Old Program. If you are interested in working in a warm, caring environment, educationally based, following the principles aligned with the NYC Department of Education, then contact our center. Please call the office at 718-634-0301. Resume required.*

**West End Temple Early Childhood Center has spots available in our Two-Year-Old Program, for the afternoon session, for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Contact us at 718-634-0301 to reserve your spot today!**

West End Temple Early Childhood Center educates the youngest members of the Rockaway community. Our students are from Rockaway Park, Belle Harbor, Neponsit and Breezy Point. Our school has a Pre-K, 3K and Two-Year-Old Program.

West End Temple’s Pre-K, 3K, and Two-Year-Old program reflects the mission of the Department of Education to create an early care and education system so that each child can live up to their full potential. Our goal is to provide a high-quality educational platform for equity and excellence for all.

Our educational site reflects the New York City “PreK for All” standards to prepare our students for success. “Pre-K for All” instruction is grounded in the practice of children learning in the context of interactions and relationships. Student-teacher interactions are a critical mechanism to support student development and learning. All the above is accomplished through student-based learning at the play centers and a myriad of activities. Observations in West End’s classes reveal emotional support and development, classroom organization, instructional support, and academic concept development.

Additionally, West End Temple Early Childhood Center offers a Summer Camp Program for ages three through five. The program is six weeks, Monday through Thursday. Call our office at 718 634-0301 for a camp application and program details.

Meet our Director, Randy Nelson!

I am proud to say that I have been part of the West End Temple and Rockaway Community for twenty years. Living in the Rockaways has a vibe of its own. It allows you to be part of the beach community, while benefiting from living in the City of New York.

I bring to West End Temple almost forty years of experience as an educator and school administrator for the Department of Education. This has allowed me to positively influence the structure of the “PreK for All” Program at the West End Temple Early Childhood Center.  In my time spent as the Educational Director of West End we have improved upon the academic curriculum and content of the Universal PreK Program, as well as the Two-Year-Old Program. Additionally, we have enhanced the physical structure of the site by adding an indoor gym and outdoor playground.  Over time our student population, in school and in the camp, has increased which reflects the demand and interest in our Early Childhood Center.

Randy Nelson

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